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About AluK Classroom

Times are tough for everyone right now, and with the current restrictions on face-to-face business, events and exhibitions, it feels harder than ever to do business and stay front-of-mind with customers. Now, more than ever, knowing how to market your business cost-effectively can help you keep in touch with your customers, get your brand in front of new prospects, and be ready to ramp up your efforts when things return to normal. 

Using in-house experience and expert advice from our marketing and PR suppliers, we’ve created some useful tools to help you get up to speed in a range of activities, from email marketing to writing case studies. All this can be done in-house and with minimal budgets, and the skills you use will enable you to manage the basics whilst keeping the costs down.  

The team 

Meet Alex Gallop, AluK's Marketing Communications Manager. Alex is an experienced marketeer with a background in the construction sector. She's passionate about creating valuable content and creative marketing. 


Meet Evelin Toth, AluK's Digital Marketing and Comms Executive. Evelin is experienced in Social Media, Digital Marketing and Design. Thanks to photography as a hobby, she has developed a graphic design skillset and she loves to create visual content for any digital platform.  

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Alex Gallop

Evelin Toth

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