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'Do's and Don'ts' of Writing a Press Release

Learn what makes a good press release, and what to avoid, to get your business stories covered in the construction press.


How To Write a Good Press Release

The best press releases are the ones that make existing customers feel good about their relationship with you and make potential new customers want to start a conversation. The most successful PR campaigns include press releases on a mix of topics - company news, new products, charity activity, quality awards and capital investments. Keeping up the variety will give a well-rounded picture of your business and give you more opportunities for coverage.

Before you start, ask yourself why anyone outside of your business would be interested in this piece of news and then focus on that angle, making the content of the press release as engaging and interesting as you can.

Here are our essential Do’s and Don’ts


1. Get straight to the point – the first paragraph is the most important. Include the five 'Ws' – Who, What, Why, When and Where

2. Explain why this news is important for existing or potential customers – this should normally be in the second paragraph

3. Include a relevant quote from a named spokesperson within the business, which gives some additional information or insight

4. Include a ‘call to action’ so that readers know where to buy your product, find out more or get in touch

5. Come up with a simple, clear headline which sums up the story

6. Add facts and figures wherever you can to emphasise the significance of the news

7. Add a link to your company’s website in the final paragraph

8. Include a contact name, telephone number and email address at the end for journalists to get in touch if they want to find out more


1. Make any spelling or grammar mistakes. Check and check again before you post or email

2. Be afraid to join in the conversation. Keep an eye out on the media and think about topical press releases which show you are in touch with what’s happening across the industry or in your community

3. Make your press release too long – about 350/400 words for a press release and 700-1000 words for a longer feature

4. Include too much background about your business. Instead you can include that in Notes to Editors at the end and via the link to your website

5. Send out the same press release twice

6. Include two stories in the same press release. Separate them out and make the most of the coverage

7. Make the press release read like a brochure – the emphasis should be on the news angle and not on the hard sell


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